Benefits of Nylon-made Artificial Grass


As you might already know, artificial grass is made up of one or a mixture of three types of materials – nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. The material used for your artificial turf matters because not all artificial grass is made equally and some materials perform better than others. In this post, we will explore the benefits of artificial grass made from the first of the three – nylon.

When synthetic grass was first introduced and used in the 1960s in Astrodome, the turf was made from nylon. It was the natural choice for its resilience and strength. After all, the dome is expected to host numerous sports activities and artificial grass made from nylon would ensure that the turf will last despite constant heavy foot traffic. 

Speaking of heavy foot traffic, nylon also has higher crush resistance percentage. This means that artificial grass blades made from nylon will stay up longer despite heavy use. Polyethylene and polypropylene made fake grass don’t usually do that as they are softer. When used in an area with heavy foot traffic, the blades eventually wear out and will look flat after some time. 

Nylon is up to 33% stronger than polyethylene and 26% stronger than polypropylene, which are the two other types of materials used in the fake grass. It is also one of the main fibers used in carpet, with 80-82 percent of commercial carpets are made from nylon as opposed to 8-10 percent made from polypropylene. Since artificial turf is essentially a type of carpet, nylon is still favored as a synthetic grass material. 

Another upside to getting artificial grass made from nylon is the return of investment. While it’s true that it tends to be more expensive and is a bigger investment than polyethylene and polypropylene, the fact that it will last longer means you won’t have to replace it as often as you might with those other two materials. 

Aside from that, nylon can also withstand higher temperatures without losing stability or melting.  This means that artificial grass made from nylon will not emit heat as much as the other types. Being a more resilient fiber has also a great environmental impact. Since your nylon-made artificial grass will withstand heavy use for years, you will not be contributing to the amount of used and damaged artificial grass being dumped in landfills each year. 

Even today, decades after it was first used in Astrodome, nylon is still considered to be the strongest type of material for artificial grass. 

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