Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Artificial Grass

One of the many advantages of upgrading your lawn to artificial grass is the easy maintenance of the product. In fact, it’s one of the biggest selling points of artificial turf. You don’t need to mow your lawn because it doesn’t have any chance of overgrowing and no need to water it regularly to keep it healthy and green. However, like any product, it does require some form of maintenance in order for it to last and maximize the investment you have made when you acquired it. In this post, we will share with you our best and simple tips to maintain the beauty of your artificial turf.

1. Regularly clean up fallen leaves and debris on your artificial lawn.

This is pretty much a given thing; your grass may be made of synthetic materials, but the plants around it are not (at least not likely). Using a leaf blower, artificial grass broom or a plastic rake, remove fallen leaves from your lawn. This is just good practice in general. Not only will this help maintain your product, it will also keep unwanted critters from making a home in your lawn.

2. Opt for a gas BBQ.

BBQ’s are fun, but the damage hot coals can do to your artificial turn isn’t. Our artificial grass here at Sevenoaks Artificial Grass is made of polypropylene, which is a form of plastic. And as you know, plastic and hot coals don’t mix well together. This is why we recommend to our customers to use a gas BBQ instead of the ones that use hot coals. While our artificial grass is non-flammable, it will still cause damage to your artificial turf when it comes in contact with hot coals. If you can’t help but use hot coals, we recommend using some sort of paving or decking to protect your artificial grass. 

3. Act quickly when it comes to stains.

There is no use crying over spilled milk – or tea or wine (although we MAY cry over spilled great quality wine). When this happens on your artificial turf, you need to act right away and clean it up. Using a soft kitchen towel, try to absorb as much of the liquid. If a stain has already developed, mix together a small amount of liquid soap and water, or a cleaning solution specifically made for artificial grass, and apply the solution to the stain with a soft brush. Acting quickly will prevent the stain from becoming a bigger issue.

4. Apply weed killer twice a year.

Weed seeds can get carried by the wind into your garden. Because of this, we recommend applying weed killer twice a year to prevent those from growing in your garden watered down and there are such products available online for artificial grass. Should some pesky weeds continue to grow, they can easily be pulled when you spot clean your artificial grass.

5. Keep an eye on your furry friend’s mess.

This does not only limit to dog urine and poop but to the fur, your pet may shed. Fur stuck between the blades can create a blockage in your artificial turf’s drainage system, which will then prevent urine from draining away as it should. How often you hose down and apply the cleaning solution to keep the odor away may depend on the number of pets you have in the house and how often they use your garden, but once a month is generally what we would recommend. 

Have you already decided to invest in artificial grass? We provide artificial grass supply and installation in Sevenoaks, Kent and surrounding areas. Give us a call today at Sevenoaks Artificial Grass and let’s discuss how we can help.



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